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Industrial Alliance SAL extended warranty - Courtier Auto Laval authorized partner

If you looking for a garage to have your vehicle repaired and the costs covered under the Industrial Alliance SAL warranty Auto Laval is an authorized repair facility.

About Us

You have an extended warranty and urgently need to repair your vehicle?

You have an Industrial Alliance warranty SAL - either  and need to know for certain if a repair is covered under your warranty?  give us a call let you know right away.

Courtier Auto Laval authorized garage for Industrial Alliance SAL mechanical warranty

The Industrial Alliance extended mechanical warranty offers great coverage in addition to enabling our clients to budget easier vis a vis the costs of repairing and in a lot of cases also even in the periodic maintaining of their vehicle.

Depending on which Industrial Alliance SAL  mechanical warranty  you subscribe to,  you will find that considered to be regular maintenance parts are covered also including the labor.  Parts such as wheel bearings, tie rod ends, Brake calipers, Fuel injectors, Link kits and even Alignments just to mention a few.

So in addition to regular maintenance parts Industrial Alliance warranty can also cover all the major repair components such as your engine, transmission, differentials and transfer cases.

Depending on the coverage you chose at the time you purchased your vehicle the Industrial  Alliance warranty can  also cover a great deal of the Electronics & high-tech equipment of your car.

In resume for us at Auto Laval when our clients take advantage of an Industrial Alliance extended warranty it provides us the ability to  give our clients a very close to new car experience and for our clients providing them the protection and security they are looking for.

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