Complete aesthetic reconditioning

To give you an example of what we can do here is the deep cleaning of the dirty interior of this Mercedes! The interior had been neglected for some time and needed a deep clean.

Watch this video and we'll show you all the steps you need to take to make this interior look like new again. We've included plenty of 50/50 (before and after) photos for your satisfaction!

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Bronze, Silver & Gold Car Wash Packages

Also check out our different car wash packages ranging from quick exterior washes to full interior & interior washes.

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Bronze Car Wash Packages

Bronze Interior & Exterior


  • Interior and Exterior hand car wash with vacuum cleaning
  • Tire shine
  • 1 hour

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Silver Car Wash Packages

Silver Exterior


    All that is included in the Bronze Car Wash
  • Removal of insect stains
  • Tire shine
  • Application of a synthetic wax
  • 1 h to 1 h 30

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Silver Interior


    All that is included in the Bronze Car Wash
  • Cleaning of all interior surfaces
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Door jams cleaning
  • 1 h

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Gold Car Wash packages

Gold Exterior


    Everything included in Silver
  • Chemical paint decontamination
  • Application of a hand wax
  • Reconditioning of all exterior trim
  • Door jams cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • 3h

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Gold Interior


    Everything included in Silver
  • Dashboard center console and door cards detailed
  • Hot carpet shampoo salt stains
  • Leather Treatment
  • All crevices detailed
  • 2h+

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Platinum Showroom Package


  • Everything included in GOLD+
  • Engine wash with silicone treatment
  • 3-Step Paint Correction; Polish, Glaze, Wax
  • Removes all minor scratches, most deep scratches, and paint marring.
  • Highly reflective finish. Paint sealant applied after paint correction.
  • 1 day

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Feynlab Nanotech Ceramic Coating


  • Long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants.
  • Enhanced hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt, and grime.
  • High gloss finish and depth for a showroom-quality finish.
  • Resistance to scratches, swirl marks, and UV damage.
  • Easy maintenance, reducing the need for frequent washing and detailing.

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Discover our other detailing services

Take advantage of the many other detailing services we offer such as headlight restoration, Nano window treatment, engine shampoo and full paint correction service. We offer 3 different levels of paint correction to better serve you and meet your high standards!