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Courtier Auto Laval is a company specialized in used car brokerage in Montreal. It is our specialty to find the vehicle of your dreams! We buy units everywhere in Canada and the United States every day of the week thanks to our large network of partners and our specific industry expertise.

Why car brokerage?

There are multiple reasons to deal with a used car broker:

Personalized orders

When you go to a car dealership to buy a used model, you usually have to limit your choices to vehicles that are in inventory at the moment of your visit. Even online automobile classifieds have their limits! You'll have to make some compromises on what you are looking for or wait a few months… and things get even worse for exotic cars!

By commissioning a car broker such as Courtier Auto Laval, you will be able to define all characteristics of your dream vehicle: mileage, brand, model, color, year of production, included accessories and more. Our experienced buyers will be able to tell you if your demand is legitimate or too precise to be materialized.

In all cases, we do not limit ourselves to standard methods to find your car. What you are looking for might be in a garage in Seattle or in a car auction in Toronto: you need someone with a global vision of the industry and a great expertise in car brokerage to make it happen.

Attractive prices

Thanks to a strong network of partners across North America, a car broker is able to get substantial rebates while shopping for your dream vehicle. Whether it comes from a cheaper price paid in the United States or a bankruptcy auction, these savings allow us to reduce the final price you pay, easing your wallet at the same time.

Peace of mind

Buying a used car often brings bad surprises. By dealing with Courtier Auto Laval, you'll get access to a complete history and maintenance report. Car brokerage does not stop you from making a well-thought decision! You can also visit our testimonials' section to see what our customers think about our services.

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